Why a writing retreat when I write every day?

Hey folks, This is going to have to be a short post because I’ve got to get packing for a novel writing retreat. I’m one of those writers who writes almost every day. I’ve been told I’m prolific and so people are surprised I still try to go to retreats, especially retreats where I’m there to learn.

I attend retreats because my well tends to become filled with the clutter of daily life. In my case, that clutter can be students’ stories rather than my own as well as family matters, administrative issues, busy-ness, and lately March madness — I’m afraid it’s true. You can’t live in my house without developing a bad case of diehard college basketball fan.

Anyhow, I’ve only got a few minutes before my laptop is charged, my bags are packed and I’m heading to the retreat center. The rest of you — write well.