Has it really been a year?

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I suspect my reasons for not posting are pandemic blues. At first — in fact for months and months — I thought I was handling isolation well. I told people I’d learned that I don’t like crowds, which I don’t if people are pushing and shoving like at an airport gate or at a concert. But I do miss being with friends and students at school and I miss my friends who used to come here for supper and who we met up with a few times in their garage.  Not being able to hug family was killer. And teaching completely online proved to be not fun for me. I missed seeing my students’ smiles and nods of understanding or uncensored comments that argued against or for one idea or another.

I’m looking forward to coming back out into the world in many ways. Being in a classroom. Traveling. Eating with and hugging my family. What have you missed?