Coming soon…….

Posted March 8th, 2010

I’ve got a lot of writing projects which will hit store shelves soon and I hope you take a moment to investigate them. 

Here’s the cover to Commutability, Stories about the journey from Here to There. My short story, Into the Underworld is included in this Mainstreet Rag published anthology by editors Molly McCaffrey and David Jack Bell

Janis Joplin, Rise Up Singing an image-illustrated biography for young adults, will be forthcoming from Abrams Books in October.

In November, Silent Embrace, Perspectives on Birth in the Adoption Triad, edited my me and my daughter Amanda will be published by Catalyst Book Press.

I sometimes look at the diverse interests demonstrated in the themes I choose and wonder if people question it. But I write about things and people I care deeply about — birth parents, mothers and daughters, adoption, a rock star who helped me form my own lifestyle based upon her belief to live a life without compromise and Greek myths.

I wonder how other writers land on their topics. Care to comment?