The Janis Joplin Rise Up Singing Book Launch was a blast!

Janis Joplin Rise Up Singing is officially launched. Photos from the big night are posted here and on facebook.
 Abrams Books’ /Amulet Books for Young Readers will feature the book’s cover on their website Monday, October 4. The book has earned starrred reviews and people are saying such lovely things about it. This is where I have to say that Abrams designers are AMAZINGLY talented. Maria T. Middleton is my personal design hero.
All is great! And now it’s time to turn back to all things writing. Reading, Writing, Revising, Thinking about writing. And writing some more. After all, while the excitement and parties are a blast, writers write!  
Rocking the words to Mercedes Benz

Here — Amanda and her friends Beth and Stef joined me and covered for my wickedly bad singing style.

Sweet Janis fans come in all ages
My friend Heidi tries to help me rock the hippie look
Screaming to communicate over karaoke
Family and friends ate and sang
What? The book sold out? How cool is that?
Proud and happy