NCTE, ALAN and then the holidays

Posted November 13th, 2011

Birthday Turkey.


This is such a busy time of year for YA writers as we head toward NCTE week! I’ll be heading to Chicago on Friday to present as part of a panel that also writes for the blog The Pirate Tree. We’ll be talking about Social Justice Issues in children’s literature and I’ll be speaking about embracing our differences in YA literature. I do hope to see some faces at our 4:30 presentation!

I’ve also registered for ALAN which is the Assembly of Literature for Adolescence. This workshop is scheduled for Sunday through Tuesday. And then it’s time for turkey which will be served here at home with family and cousins and close, close friends. Someone in my house is also turning 60 so this will be a turkey birthday!

If I don’t run into you all at NCTE/ALAN, then please have a great holiday!


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