A guest blog on Cynsations

img_1637-1Hey all,

Come on over to “Cynsations” where I’ve got a guest blog on writing from the sandbox and, sometimes, the suck pond. Here’s the link – “Ann Angel on the sandbox and the suck pond”


The image Cyn included with the article, by the way, is of a Poetree that I spent the summer creating. All semester, students have been adding poetry to make it bloom. Here’s what it looks like now –

Preparing for the Inaugeral Publishing Institute at MMU

Remember Me...Hi all,

I’ve been sort of out of touch, haven’t I? Sorry about that but I’ve been working on the first ever Publishing Institute at Mount Mary University and it’s almost here. We have 135 participants coming to Mount Mary to meet and greet and talk all things publishing. This is a great opportunity for writing program graduates, members of Red Oak and Red Bird and other local writing centers to learn how to take the next step in writing. There are panels on writing queries and on packaging that stellar submission. We’re also hosting Harvard University’s Direct of Creative Writing, Bret Anthony Johnston who will be talking about his new novel, Remember Me Like This.

I have big hopes for this institute — like, I think it would be really cool if a few of my past students landed an agent and then a publishing deal and then we’ll have you come back to a future publishing institute and be the keynote……

So stay tuned!

Can we change the world with our words? I think so.

Posted December 14th, 2013

Kho Thi dancer by Ann Angel 001It’s time to say happy graduation to five more writers from the Mary University English Graduate Program and to welcome them into a world where their creative work will inspire and challenge readers to transform and make lives that are true celebrations of each day.

If I could be a fairy godmother, I would give them each the gift of dancing and singing and writing each day.

I think they’ll do that without my magic because through this program, they have discovered the magic of their own talents. And now they’ll head on out to share their talents. I expect great things of each and every one. Whether they’re teaching writing in their own classrooms or writing grants for the arts or nonprofits or free lance writing and publishing articles and books, I know that their writing will be read. Their work has the power to change the world one word at a time. That’s the power of the arts — to create magic — to create understanding — to create change for the good.

Blessings to you, graduates!!