Just thinking….

I’ve got just a moment and so I’m using this blog to list updates and random thoughts for fellow writers and readers

A thought: I’m thinking a lot about writers and self-censorship because I’m currently working on a novel that wants to be about sex. I learned at a novel revision retreat that I blush when I say this. I SO didn’t want the novel to go in this direction but it is. So each day I sit at my computer and wonder if I’m blushing as I write.

An update: I’m part of a great social justice blog focused on children’s and young adult writing. This means I’ll be posting about books that cross the boundary of mannerly to talk about reality. I love that concept because it’s what shakes up the world and makes people think about what they can do, how they can live, to make the world a better place. Although I’ll cross-post my own blog entries on this site, you’ll probably want to take a gander. So go to www.thepiratetree.com and enjoy the dialogue!

An update: If I’m counting accurately, I have only four more weeks of classes and then a week of celebrating all things graduation before I can focus completely on my own writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see my students’ writing grow and mature. But I need that intensely focused world of the imagination too.

A thought: I can either continue with this or I can get back to working on that novel that wants to be about sex. So back to it!